The HISTORICAL TIMBER FRAMES IN SEISMIC ZONES was established on 6th November 2013 during the H.Ea.R.T.2013 technical visit in Mileto (Vv, Italy) by researchers from several world countries interested in the study of Historic Timber Frames in Seismic Zones.

The objectives are to promote international cooperation in the field of knowledge and conservation of Historical Timber Frames, providing a multidisciplinary forum to exchange ideas and experience; coordinating existing studies; promoting further research activities; promoting training programmes.

The activities may include the organization of scientific conferences, workshops, technical visits, training school and in general initiatives to gather and disseminate knowledge about Historical Timber Frames in Seismic Zones.


The managing group consists of 10 members and has the function to realize the plan activities.

The group is open to any individual interested in "HISTORICAL TIMBER FRAMES IN SEISMIC ZONES". It may include Architects, Engineers, Historians, Archaeologists, Researchers, Educators and any other  scientific professions that are interested in the above subject.
To join the group please submit your membership request with your curriculum vitae to the Managing Group via e-mail: historictimberframes@gmail.com 

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